Terms of  Hire – Schedule of Costs

  • Sand Arena 1 – Undercover + Sand Arena 2 Warm Up– $300.00 per day
  • Sand Arena 4 – $200 per day
  • Sand Arena 5 – $200 per day
  • Grass Area 6 – Polo Field – $200 per day
  • Administration Classrooms/Secretary’s Office (includes Kitchenette) – $150.00 per day
  • Facility Fee – $15.00 per horse per day
  • Overnight Camping – $10 per horse per night
  • Dressage Arena Hire – There are 4 arenas available at $50 per arena to hire
  • Sound System – $50 BOND refundable
  • Booking Deposit Fee – $150 (non-refundable on cancellation) This fee includes $100 ground maintenance deposit refundable once all manure is removed from arenas and roadway.
  • Equipment Hire – $50 BOND refundable once all equipment is returned and accounted for.
  • Full Venue $900 per day

Schedule of terms & Conditions of Hire

  1. Bookings will be subject to availability and no booking is considered accepted until the booking fee and signed agreement have been received by Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre.
  2. The Hirer will be invoiced for deposit on receipt of booking form.
  3. The Hirer must discuss at least 2 weeks prior to the event, with Ayr Hill Equestrian Administration: first aid, parking arrangements, a set up plan, or allocation of areas for the event including separate spectator areas and warm-up areas.
  4. Hirer must supply a risk assessment in the week prior to the competition.
  5. The Hirer to pay the fees owing on day of the event, with a list of competitors. Invoice for balance owing will be issued once horse numbers advised.
  6. At no time are DOGS allowed on the premises.
  7. Riders 18 years and under are not permitted to ride stallions at the Venue. Stallions are not permitted at interschool events. At all other events, the stallion must be always under adult supervision.
  8. The Hirer agrees to reimburse Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre for any damages caused to the premise or its fixtures, or equipment.
  9. The Hirer must ensure that under no circumstances are HORSES allowed on the college sporting fields or on the spectator viewing banks surrounding each arena. The applicant will be liable for any damage.
  10.  The Hirer agrees that participants remain in the equestrian area and not enter the college grounds.
  11.  The Hirer agrees that Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre have sole rights for catering, including operation of the café unless agreed to otherwise. This includes judge’s lunches and refreshments, which are to be organised through the café by prior discussion.
  12.  (Outside vendors, food vendors, traders, photographers and sponsors etc) can attend subject to insurance and prior approval.
  13.  Advertising handbills or posters must not be posted within or without the premises.
  14.  Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre reserves the right of entry to any function to ensure that the conditions of hire are observed.
  15.  Requests of the Ayr Hill Equestrian staff be carried out politely and courteously.
  16.  The Hirer/Primary Contact must complete a Risk Assessment prior to the event and provide an Incident Report on the day that an incident occurs.
  17.  Crest Education Ltd and Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre accepts no liability for any accident, damage or loss of property or injury arising from the hirer’s activity or use of the premises.
  18.  Hirer must ensure that spectator areas, cafe access, gateways and exit points are always kept clear.
  19.  Smoking and/or Alcohol are not permitted on the premises at any time.
  20.  Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre reserves the right to deny access to the grounds of the college by any person who does not comply with the safety requirements as dictated by the Australian Horse Industry Council Horse Safe Code of Practice or behaves in a manner unbecoming.
  21.  The hired premise must be left clean, tidy and as hired at the conclusion of the hire period.
    1. Manure from day yards raked out and placed at the manure pit.
    2. All rubbish placed in the bins provided.
    3. Decorations and signage removed.
  22.  The Hirer is responsible for securing the premises and ensuring that:
    1. Keys are returned.
    2. All windows are closed and heaters turned off.
    3. External doors are locked.
    4. Lights and appliances turned off (i.e., urns, oven, etc.) Excluding fridge/freezers.
  23.  The Hirer to keep the use of electrical appliances to a minimum to avoid power shortages.
  24.  In the event of cancellation, by either Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre or the Hirer, due to weather conditions that would render the property unsuitable for the proposed use, the booking will be transferred to another date.
  25.  The Hirer to pay any additional fees for the hire of equipment on the day, including breakages.
Terms Hire